Адрес: ул. Якуба Коласа, 42 Минск,


Ruthenia Alba is a young, but at the same time dynamically developing brand in the jewelry market. It started when the creators decided to translate their vision of beauty into finished jewelry. Jewelry immediately impresses with its excellent performance and unique design.
To be recognized in the jewelry market, Ruthenia Alba already has a long relationship with precious gems and metals, because only such tests can prove the quality of jewelry and their unsurpassed beauty. The collections are dominated by smooth forms, a special chic and a certain refinement. Ornaments are distinguished by a variety of scope of imagination, large-scale work with gold and precious gems and forms borrowed from the surrounding world.
At the same time, Ruthenia Alba is in active development and strives to the highest requirements, and in far-reaching plans - expansion of the distribution network. During this time of existence, Ruthenia Alba has already formed a new vision for further development and the company can prove that it is really a reliable partner. Therefore we are looking for partners for further mutually beneficial partnership.