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Virgil Ablo is a designer, artist, architect, founder of the brand Off-White and creative director of the men's Louis Vuitton line since March 26, 2018. From a favorite haybbistami designer Ablo quickly jumped to the category of the main names of the fashion business. Today, if not all, many are aware of it. Virgil Ablo was born in 1980 in the USA - in the city of Rockford, Illinois. His creative career began at the Faculty of Civil
The construction of the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Then followed the training at the Institute of Technology of Illinois, where the future designer received a master's degree in architecture. After graduation from the University, Virgil Ablo worked for several years as an architect in one of the leading American companies.
In 2006, he got an internship in Fendi, after which he decided to continue his career in the fashion industry. In 2009 he opened the art gallery RSVP Gallery and a men's clothing store in Chicago.
In 2015, he debuted with his first collection at the Fashion Week in Paris. In the same period, the designer became a finalist of the prestigious Prize LVMH Prize
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